Friday, September 09, 2011

Question: Where is the justice?

The XXX department of a certain high school has at least five new hires this term.  Many are brand new teachers, straight out of college.

What happened to placing ATRs before new teachers were hired?

Can these youngsters, still wet behind the ears be so superior to every ATR out there?

Will the media keep berating ATRs because they haven't found classrooms when in truth, no one will even give them a chance?

Answer:  There is none.


Schoolgal said...

I was under the impression ATRs were to be tried first. However, the DoE did conduct a job fair for new teachers so go figure! Also doesn't say much for our union and the deals they make.

ChiTown Girl said...


Anonymous said...

I know a superior English teacher who left his school to take a master teacher position which was for one year. At the end of his term he became an ATR. HE IS THE GREATEST AND CANNOT FIND A POSITION. Guess what- we just hired 3 yes 3 new english teachers at the school two days ago!!

Anonymous said...

Hi po'd

29 years at Packemin preceded by 15years at Dead President HS taught me that seniority is no longer an advantage.

Mr. Principal (Suit, Hula, Thrown out of 2 schools after Packemin)is faced with openings,

Shall they give them to the ATR with 25 years experience who carries their seniority with them and probably won't lick their boots like a fraternity pledge and could bounce someone they like with less seniority or should they give the job to 22 year old Miss Newbie who will probably salute them and be fearful of being bounced for the first 3 years or even more under the new rules. Mr. Newbie probably doesn't know squat about teaching and will do what whatever they are told.

I would want the best person available. The scoundrals who run Packemin and the rest of NYC schools do not think that way.

Enjoy your retirement and the college.


Anonymous said...

FIVE new English teachers hired at my high school. What on earth is going on with our union?!

Ms. Tsouris said...

The problem is NOTHING is going on with the union. They originally aided and abetted the DOE in creating this situation by eliminating excessing and bumping and replacing that with the ATR nightmare. The union doesn't care, it feeds itself on the dues of both ATR's and newbies alike. Mentors who were basically expert, experienced senior teachers became ATR's after the DOE got rid of that position. Schools closed, and very competent and experienced teachers also became ATR's. The union has had a direct hand in destroying our profession.

Lisa2 said...

What is an ATR>

Pissed Off said...

Read this: