Friday, September 02, 2011

Give Them All A Chance

I'm shallow and weak, I admit it.  I needed this:
thank you for the preparation! by the way, my professor is terrible. its a good thing i have alllll your notes in my dorm and a great background knowledge of calculus!"
The girl who wrote this was one who only got into the class last year when we cut out the double period to make the extra section. I was feeling kind of sad about last year's results, but she just validated my decision.

(I also needed to take the picture of the cute red truck in Germany.)


Schoolgal said...

What a wonderful tribute to all your hard work and dedication.

If only you kept your mouth shut and bowed every time Suit or AP passed by and hovered around them like a puppy dog, they may have recognized your talents as a teacher.

Alas, talent today is measured by being young and obedient. They will be given the best classes so no one will ever realize just how ineffective they would be with students who really need help and guidance.

But as more experienced and talented teachers retire, they will have to take up that challenge and will find themselves at a loss. By that time, a fresh group of young and obedient teachers will take the spotlight and those who were once on the pedestal will be pushed off and left in the dark. And when the finally decide to speak up, will be severely punished.

So sad :(

(Hey, I just may have pitched a great movie idea!!)

CrysHouse said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. You are another one I read religiously. You keep me sane in the educational world of NCLB.