Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Almost True Story About Who Gets To Teach The Honor Classes

Mr. Jones was promised honor classes.  He taught these classes last year and had good results.  When he received his program in September, it was void of these classes.  He went to his supervisor to find out what happened, why the promise was not kept.  The supervisor said, "Mr. Jones, I know you had 100% passing last year but, Mrs. Smith got the classes because we did a study and determined that she used fewer squares of toilet tissue over  the year than you did.  Using less meant she helped keep us within our budget and she had more time to devote to her students.  Mr. Jones, we will be watching and measuring.  Statistics are all that matter.  If you can get your usage down, I will consider giving you a honor class in the future."


Get Your Paper Here! said...

Although Mr. Jones had 100% pass rate last year, his AYP was stagnant because the year before his kids also scored at 100%!

Schoolgal said...

Because she shortchanged her butt, that makes her a better choice?? Supervisor is a total a$$.