Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Joy Of Not Teaching High School

Bozo was in a wicked mood and would not stop being disruptive and clowning around.  I said one more outburst and he was gone.  He didn't believe I would follow through, but I did.  I told him to go for a walk and come back when he could control himself.  The class snickered as he left.  Bozo returned five minutes later, head hung low and cooperated for the rest of the class.

Teaching college is great.  There are no teacher penalties for asking someone to leave.  A dean is not necessary and a call home is not even permissible.  Teaching college is great!


Anonymous said...

What nonsense! Now the students are acting out in college? What kind of college could it possibly be, that admits "students" who act out.

Pissed Off said...

Kids are kids and Bozo was just in a strange mood. The kids are really great. The point I was making was that when something happens there are consequences and the incident never happens again.