Saturday, September 24, 2011

Job Qualifications

Very, very young
Only a few years of teaching experience
No experience in current field.
A degree that was bought.
Ability to pick the brains of everyone working for you.
Good at getting others to do your work.
Great at shirking responsibility.
Willing to throw others under the bus to protect yourself.
Certification received on a three hour cruise
Nasty disposition and no heart or soul.

The above list was used to choose the person to fill one position.  Will the same qualifications be used to fill this one too? 


Anonymous said...

I could swear your post is referring to my school!

Schoolgal said...

I believe those are the requirements for most DoE positions now. In fact, the new "Master Teacher" position approved by the UFT calls for a few years of teaching experience.

I bet there are many teachers who wish you were still there to open up your mouth. But give it time. Teachers with their heads in the sand will one day rise up and solidarity will live again.

Anonymous said...

The Master Teacher Position called for ONE year of teaching experience! I have been teaching for over 15 years and still con't consider myself a master teacher!
There are many schools within the district that are not hiring replacement administrators. It saves money and many teachers are willing to step up to do the job without pay!