Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Okay, I'm Gloating

Today was the first official day of retirement.  Sorry to rub it in, but, when I woke up and saw 7:50 on the clock, I smiled from ear to ear.  I knew the staff at Packemin was already at work, possibly lined up for small bagels and coffee   When I rolled out of bed, I had a leisurely cup of coffee, read the paper and spoke to a few friends, finalizing our plans for the day.

Instead of the coffee line, I opted for a great breakfast at SaraBeth's on 92nd and Madison. 

 My Green Scrambled Eggs and Cream Cheese
 Friend #1's Garden Omelet
Friend # 2 Granola and Yogurt 

Instead of a hard cafeteria bench, we had soft cushions to wait on and a bathroom with toilet paper that actually rolled.

After a sumptuous meal, we headed over to the Jewish Museum.  Instead of looking at data, we looked at this Matisse

If I had any doubts about retirement being the right thing to do, those doubts were squashed today.  I just got off the phone with one of my former colleagues who told me of the endless data discussions, of Mr. APs continued bashing, how only stats matter and how if the kids don't pass it is because the teacher did not teach transposing. Programs are being e-mailed tonight giving everyone lots  no time to prepare


Sweet Girl Tracie said...

its okay to gloat- its well deserved.. feel happy...the point of retirement is to be happy, care free and not have to climb out of bed at the crack of dawn. : )

Anonymous said...

Really, I missed our eye contact and chuckles at Mr. AP's meeting. I thought of you often especially when he handed out the "numbers" from last years regent grades.

Pissed Off said...

I missed the chance to hear how bad I am, oh well. I'll survive. He always forgets to mention how he removes all the failing and difficult kids from his classes and from those classes of his friends and that is why stats are so stacked.

ChiTown Girl said...

Gloat away, my friend, gloat away! You SO earned it!!!

ed notes online said...

What a day for you. Truly the first day of retirment. Nine years ago a bunch of us retired and had one great party all day to celebrate. Pretty soon you won't even notice the holidays or even when summer vacation begins. You are on permanent summer vacation. Enjoy!

burntoutteacher said...

Keep enjoying and keep writing! I am so living your retirement vicariously. My hell has gotten worse this year, with one third of the faculty having left (doesn't that say something about the administration???), my program half out of license (despite my seniority) and totally out of spite, an endless meeting on the new teacher rating system that seems designed only to screw teachers over, no phones working, no computers in the lounge working, a supply secretary that left for the day before lunch, etc etc etc. For us, business as usual.
But I am looking to get out early (and lose a ton of money on my pension but my health and emotions are worth so much more) and in another year, like you, will be brunching late and enjoying life.
So you go, girl, and keep giving me a reason to smile each morning!

Schoolgal said...

Is this a good time to tell you "I told you so!"?

I know...you weren't ready. But glad you see that both your worlds (teaching and relaxing) do form a happy relationship during retirement.

A poll came out today saying parents aren't happy with the way Bloomberg has run (ruined) the school system.
Finally, people are waking up.

Dog Catcher said...

I don't know if other people are waking up, but I'm sleeping a lot easier these days. However, retirement has put a crimp in my eye-rolling routine.It's altogether possible that sleep will help those eye bags. No more teachers, no more books, no more administrators' dirty looks....or screaming from supervisors whose bark is much worse than their bite. No more lies, either. No more educational malfeasance such as "Kid XXX told me he wants bigger classes" thus throwing the nice kid with the 75 IQ out of self contained special ed, the appropriate placement. Kid XXX is then thrown into an integrated co-teaching class, which is a general education class, and extremely inappropriate for Kid XXX. Kid XXX never had a conversation with said supervisor who lied to get the kid into ICT and get money for the school. No more lies and BS!! More brunches and museum visits!!