Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happiness Is Knowing Your Place

 Overheard in the nail salon:

Mr. Retired was one of the best teachers around.  I am so surprised the Principal didn't try to get him to stay around a few years more.  He gave so much to the kids and the school.
The two ladies talking are both still teaching.  I felt sorry for them.  They haven't learned about the lack of value senior teachers possess.  They haven't heard about how their salaries are a drain on the school budget and how their ideas and thoughts often are in conflict with those of the administration.  They will be shocked and hurt when their time comes and no one wants them around either.  Mr. Retired had come to that realization years ago and left with a smile.  Without turning back, he walked straight ahead into a shiny future.


Schoolgal said...

Excellent post. Wish more young teachers would come to this realization.

CrysHouse said...

There are still younger teachers who value what we've lost in retirees. For certain that is true in my district.