Friday, September 16, 2011

ATR Saga Continues

The saga of two ATRs continues...

Man has been sent to the school woman was in last year and wanted to remain in.  It is far from man's home but very close to where woman lives.

Woman has been released from the insane principal but is now in an school that is extremely difficult for her to get to.  This school would be a simple commute for man.

The only purpose any of this serves is to demoralize and make miserable the lives of ATRs.  Shifting them around weekly, or monthly insures they develop no attachment to any school.  Not only are the teachers hurt, the students are being hurt as well. ATRs teach and help students daily but being moved around they will lose the opportunity to bond with kids who need an adult to bond with.  But, what does the union and the city care?  Misery will cause some to leave, and that is the ultimate goal of Bloomberg and company.

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Schoolgal said...

It is a very demoralizing system. However, I would travel farther to a school where a principal appreciated me than closer to home where I would be miserable.

Under the ATR "agreement" for lack of a better word, a principal can hire an ATR for a long-term position like maternity leave, etc.

I understand GEM is trying to help these teachers who are treated like chattel by both the DoE and their own union. Disgraceful!!