Thursday, September 15, 2011

Should This Dream Be Squashed?

Worms are sometimes used as a metaphor of putrefaction or corruption; a corpse may be said to be "fed to the worms". Wikepedia

William wants to take trigonometry. True, his track record isn't the greatest, but with much effort he passed both the algebra and the geometry regents.  That advanced diploma is the thing he desires above everything else.  Unfortunately someone is trying to stand in his way.  Not because a failing grade will ruin William's transcript, but because a failing grade will lower the school's statistics.

Will William triumph and take the class?  Will he pass it?  If he fails, will he still have learned valuable material that will help him in college?  Or, will William end up in some low level, non regents class that will not help him at all?  Stay tuned.  I'll post upcoming news as it becomes available.

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Schoolgal said...

Hopefully William will have strong advocates perhaps his parents or a good guidance counselor to get him placed.