Monday, September 19, 2011

Calculators Need To Learn Their Place

It is not their fault.  They enter high school and the teacher puts a calculator in their hands.

Don't know the multiplication tables?  No problem.  Use the calculator.
Can't work with fractions?  No problem.  The calculator has a fraction button.
Can't solve an equation?  No problem.  The Casio will do it for you.  And for the cheap price available, the school has one for everyone to borrow.
Can't work with complex numbers?No problem, the TI 83 has a mode that will work with all the imaginary numbers you want.

Attend a college that does not permit calculators?
Kids are going through school taught to do everything on a calculator.  Passing exams is all that matters and using a calculator correctly will certainly get them through the exams with good grades.  These same kids are now sitting in a college class where calculators are not permitted.  The school has standards and believes everyone should have basic arithmetic skills.  The school believes their diploma should mean something.  Too bad high schools don't have the same values.


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Cara Boutkids said...

I AGREE!! My husband & I once wnet to dinner at a Sizzler on the-last-day-of-expiring 20% off coupon (as had every other person there that night!) When we went up to pay, the line was unexpectedly long. It seems that the computerized cash register had gone down, & the cashier could not simply scan in the 20% coupon to give the magical,discounted check amount.She then tried a calculator, but the battery was down. The manager came, & we thought that HE'D be able to figure out the math! But...nooooo!
He, too, attempted to use yet another non-working calculator.
So, like Blanche DuBois, he had to "depend on the kindness (or, in this case, math skills & honesty) of strangers," taking his chances that the customers could correctly figure out their own tabs.