Sunday, September 11, 2011

Out With The Old And The New

The system is broken and the glue being used to fix it is not only not holding, it is making things worse.  The sweet little children hired to be the new teachers won't cut it.  They are young and idealistic with no true idea as to what they will be facing.  Their supervisors won't want to be bothered helping them.  It is just easier to write them up, U-rate them and get them out.  After all, there is another new batch waiting in the wings for their jobs. 

Even though I teach math, I am not good with tedious numbers and never balance my checking account. When things get out of hand,I just open a new account.  It is easier.  These new teachers will be like that bank account I no longer need, tossed out for a new one, a fresh start.  The new one won't be any better because the history that caused the first one to be chucked will repeat itself.  And, the ease of replacement is still there.


Anonymous said...

Very well said...from one of those teachers tossed out to the curb..and replaced with another 'newbie'.

Schoolgal said...

The ATR agreement makes me sick. It was the major reason I voted against the '05 contract even though I was nearing retirement and that extra money would have been nice.

I have said it before, I do not feel sorry for any ATR who voted yes to that contract. They wanted money over rights and that's exactly what they got. To those who voted NO,my heart goes out to them.

I just hope that the new rank and file opens their eyes because the future will be dim if they favor a contract that diminishes their rights in favor of a few extra bucks.

FEDUP! said...

I also was kicked to the curb. And the newbie was a new teacher but older than me...what a joke!

New Teacher said...

I'm a third year teacher who enjoyed reading your blog. I know that the young teachers have a lot to learn, but we have a lot to offer too. I have read your posts and you're acting like we're clueless and don't know what we're doing. Some of us work 10-12 hours a day making a lesson plan perfect, staying after school with students to help them, and doing everything we can to be the best we can be. We may be idealistic and young, but we deserve respect too.

Pissed Off said...

I know most young teachers work hard, no disrespect toward them intended, but older, experienced teachers know much more and the system is just throwing them away. I needed to learn from senior teachers. Maybe you wouldn't be working 12 hours a day if you had someone to help you, someone with experience.