Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Saga Of Two ATRs

In 2008, both teachers were ATRs at school A.

Woman was an ATR because her school was closed down. Somewhere, not in the real world, politicians and businessmen decided the very special population this school serviced no longer needed special services.

Man was an ATR because his position as a mentor teacher dried up. He only got the position as a mentor because he was deemed an outstanding teacher. Now he can't get a teaching position anywhere.

In 2009 man and woman found jobs at school B, where the principal is known to have a few screws loose. But, they worked hard. Woman got satisfactory observations from her AP, but nut job principal U rated her anyway. She was forced to find a new job in September. They just didn't click. Man got along well with loony bin principal but June came and he was told to hit the road. He knew he could stay and grieve but crazy principal promised him a U rating if he stayed. He decided it would be best for him to leave.

Now comes 2010, both have jobs in schools that like them and they like. They are sure they have found homes. Woman gets passed over for an appointed position in January but is recruited by another school with promises of a real teaching job. Man is also recruited by a school and also promised a permanent position. June came and both were excessed again.

It is now 2011. Both woman and man are back with the principal who belongs in a straight jacket. Principal let them know loud and clear they weren't wanted. They went to the union, begging and pleading to get into another school, any other school. Woman got out. Man is stuck.

Why is it so hard for anyone outside of education to see how impossible it is for ATRs to get jobs back in the classroom? Why isn't it obvious that the city is doing everything possible to get rid of them?


Pennies for Poodles said...

...and all principals belong in straight jackets

Schoolgal said...

This story along with the ICE post today really gives an accurate picture of how teachers are treated by both the DoE and UFT.