Sunday, September 27, 2009


The prince and the princess wander in the door, straight out of school and end up with the best programs in the building. They get to teach the trig, the pre-calc and all the other classes experienced, good teachers are told they are not good enough to teach anymore.

When I was a young teacher, I saw the older, more experienced teachers getting the best programs. I resented it but new my time would come eventually. Rank still has its privileges, but the ordering of the ranks have changed.

Is it any wonder that there is resentment among teachers? Is there any wonder the old don't want to help the young?


Ricochet said...

Three of us took gifted certification last year. I have the bottom level again, and 3 team-taught classes. One of the others has 2 new curriculum class with a study skills class behind each and a remedial class (in other words, not gifted). The third, the darling, had gifted classes last year while we took the class and has all the gifted this year.

If I hear her brag about the ability of her students one more time (while I struggle to get my algebra kids to add integers with a calculator) I may have to hurt her.

On the other hand, I always found it easier to teach the gifted than the ones I have now. And, Lord knows, I like a challenge.

mathematicamama said...

Wow. You hit this one right on. We also have to mentor the newbies for free during our planning time.

Anonymous said...

The union created this mess and continued it by not addressing the BLATANT AGE DISCRIMINATION that is occurring every day of our teaching lives.

Curmudgeon said...

During a recent war, the new second lieutenants, fresh out of college and full of their own self-importance and genius, were dying at fairly high rates by "friendly fire."

Nothing new here.

It's too bad, but when you are told for years that you are a special genius, you tend to annoy those who actually know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

The young will be in our position in a few more years (if they manage to stay around long enough), and they will no longer be the trophy wife. Can't wait!!!!