Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not In Kansas Anymore

Growing up in a dictatorship, rather than a democracy, you believe that once an individual is in charge, that person can make all the rules and everyone in the land must obey unconditionally. Back talk and free thinking is not permissible and punishable by death. The dictator's word is supreme and no one should dare to disobey or question.

Growing up in a dictatorship and then moving to a democracy can be a problem for a person who grows up and gets a managerial job. Here we have rights and freedom of speech and thought. Here instead of saying "yes" we can say "why" and fight for the right to say "no."

The dictator is not in his own country anymore. If he is to survive, he better get with the program and learn how to work with people and talk to people. He has to learn to stop making threats and giving orders the citizens of the US have the right not to follow.


Ricochet said...

I hope he learns that before he drives you away.

My stupid arrogant AP has permanently damaged what was a disfunctional (at best) relationship with one of my team teachers.

The easiest thing is to throw the kids under the bus and let her whine and bitch her way into the lead teacher position.

I have a feeling I can't do that.

She is very quick to tell you how long she's taught, what her certifications are, etc. My mother (a wise non-latina) always said there is something wrong if you have to toot your own horn that much.


Anonymous said...

Arrogance is NOT a qualification