Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beast Of Burden

Today is September 30 and three new students were added to my geometry class, the class that was only formed September 25. By the way, school reopened on September 9th, in case anyone out there has forgotten. Some of the students had been in different geometry classes but not all. As we are completing the logic unit, some are seeing these topics for the first time. All of this is due to poor programming and no open seats in geometry classes.

Now comes the hard part, what to do about the missing knowledge. Packemin is so big that no viable tutoring program is available. Oh, once C-6 assignments start, I will say "go to tutoring in the library" but I know that is a farce. The teachers are there to answer questions,. They do not have the time to teach topics. Even my hall tutoring won't help most of these kids because they are free while I am teaching.

Who is accountable for catching them up? Who is accountable for their regents grades? Is it the Principal or Mr. AP? Is it Bloomberg or Klein as their policies caused the overcrowding caused situation Or, is it the classroom teacher? We all know whose back this will fall on.

Aren't there any brilliant educational scientists out there willing to solve this problem?

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Anonymous said...

This is what the DoE refers to as "dealing". What a wonderful way to run public education.