Monday, September 07, 2009


All summer I planned to clean out my book bag, organize lesson plans and get ready for the new year.

School starts tomorrow and I just started the process.

This is part of the job I hate


Anonymous said...

Thought you might find this interesting. Finally a newspaper article ridiculing the overcrowding of some schools.

12 more years said...

I feel your pain PO'd- I didn't clean out my bookbag until yesterday morning.

Organize lesson plans- well- not so much, lol.

Have a great first day back!

Mrs. H said...

I think I must be weird. I looove the two weeks right before school. Getting ready is so much fun!! I love decorating my classroom, going to Staples and buying fun school supplies, preparing lessons, and brainstorming how to make the first week as perfect as possible.

It never quite works out as great as I hoped, but there is always next year!

Pissed Off said...

Maybe that is because you have a classroom. I have three different rooms. I didn't even know what rooms they were or what I was teaching until today and classes start tomorrow. I might feel different if I was in your position.