Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sharing My Magical Kingdom

As the new year starts, I realize that the kids are as worried as I am. I just got this from a former geometry student:

Hey Mrs.POd,

How are you? Omg i havent seen you at all =(
I misss you and your class soooo much ugh wish i can go back to those days you always had something nice to say to brighten my day. I have Mrs. XX as a teacher idk what do you think about her? Is she good i really want to do better in school and focus more. My mom gave me a 30min leture on how junior year is the most important . What do you teach this year?

and this from a graduate:

Hi Ms.POd! this is Hannah:)

I hope you remember me from AP calculus last year. well technically last semester.I was sending you an email because I came to think about you while doing my calculus homework from college. oh and I forgot to tell you my AP grade,..I didn't do as well as I expected, but I got a 3.I once told you that I answered my long questions in pencil, and asked you if it was alright. And someone told me I had to write them over in pen. so I think I got a 3 because of that. Well, I miss my senior AP calculus class with you. And I hope to keep in touch with you and talk to you through email. Is it ok to email you when I have trouble with Calculus?I really miss you and hope to talk to you again.

I am glad that they write, that they confide their fears and I always try to answer immediately, to remind them that although I am no longer their teacher, I will always be around for them. I know it helps them as much as their e-mails help me.

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