Thursday, September 10, 2009

Former Student

I got this e-mail on Tuesday. The student who wrote it graduated two years ago. Don't let the poor grammar and spelling bother you. She only lives in this country a few years and came here knowing no English. Her reading comprehension and her speech are good. It is too bad that this girl's English teacher had to focus on her passing the regents, instead of what really mattered. It is too bad that schools are funded in such a way that she tested out of ESL before she had a good command of the English language. In spite of this, Judi is going into her sophomore year at a good four year college, majoring in architecture and running close to an A average.

Dear Mrs POd:
How's your summer vacation.
This is from judi, you remember me right?
I own you a calculator since i went to college.
I finished the math class last semester,, therefor, i m goin to give it back to you in few days.
thank you for lending me a calculator,
I appreciate.


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog all summer and it has both depressed and inspired me. Depressed because I went into teaching because all I've ever wanted to do is help children. But all we're doing, and all my principal wants, is to get them graduated. No one cares with what skills (or lack thereof) the kids are graduating with. I was hoping it happened only in my school :(

Inspired because even with all this shit you're still able to teach passionately.

Anyway, am commenting here because I can't find your email. A couple of months ago I participated in a Watson Adventure Tour at the Met and after looking through your blog I think you would LOVE LOVE LOVE participating in something like this.

Here's their website. You can sign up for any of their scavenger hunts. I've only done the Murder Mystery at the Met, which was INCREDIBLE!! I even solved the murder! The rest look like loads of fun as well.

They have one at the Jewish Museum that I think you'd really like.

Pissed Off said...

Thank you. E-mail can be found in my profile.