Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey Mr. Education Mayor

Demanding Accountability

"Students, teachers and principals are now held accountable for progress"

The above is quoted from the latest environmental polluter the Education Mayor just sent out.

Where is your accountability? Tomorrow is September 25, school started on September 9 and there are kids in my school just being put in a geometry class because there was no room in any classes before. Are you accountable for the two and a half weeks of instruction they missed? Or, will I be accountable when the regents rolls around in June?


Anonymous said...

The problem is there is NO accountability! Everyone points the blame at someone else! It drives me crazy! It's MY fault that I challenge kids and push them to do their best. It's MY fault that kids don't have an 'A' in my class, when really THEY have to be the ones studying (but aren't).

How about putting the blame where it BELONGS? I am the one trying to help the kids do well in my class. I am the one who's doing their part...are the kids doing theirs???

I'm now convinced that kids (and parents) don't want their kids to be challenged in school...they just want the 'A'. (At least this is what's happening in my school) And guess what??? I'm almost to the point where I'm about to give in..."everyone gets an 'A' don't need to do get an 'A' for being YOU!"

Anonymous said...

How about the kids who have been programmed for a class where the teacher showed up for 2 days (a newbie from corporate America), and then left, and these kids have had subs for the past 3 weeks (one kid said "hey, it's a free period!")?!?!?! The principal is doing what about this? Oh, but he's a Bloombergian, so it's OK for him to not be "accountable"!