Thursday, September 24, 2009

Words Of Advice

Words of advice to new teachers: Don't do your job too well. If you do, you will be dumped upon your entire career.

The incompetents will earn the same salaries and reap the benefits of your work while enjoying the life of Riley.


institutrice said...

Exactly. One of my friends calls this phenomenon the "F-up, move up" work ethic. I was actually told by my principal that a student was placed in my room over my grade partner's because I am so good at documenting behavior. (She said, "Just do what you normally do.") I was grateful for the compliment, but why can't she learn how to do it? I'm tired of being punished for doing my job right. And even if I wanted to, I couldn't I've with myself if I did a half-assed job like everyone else. N'est-ce pas?

Liberty Rose said...

A teacher in my building screwed up so badly they paid her to leave! Yes, my tax dollars at work! She gets a year and half salary and bennies for screwing up. I worked my ass off all year cleaning up after her and didn't even get a thank you. Teachers laid off due to lack of $...but we can pay a teacher to leave??? That money could pay for a real teacher in a classroom with kids!
Yeah, I am pissed off.