Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To Aid The Bulimic's Quest

Bloomberg's latest environment killer compares his record in education to that of Bill Thompson's.

Reading scores might be up under Bloomberg but in order for the data to be valid, apples have to be compared to apples, not oranges. The tests and scoring are so radically different now that it is impossible to use the statistics to justify anything.

School crime might be statistically down but how many incidences are still going unreported?

The dropout rate is down now because Bill Thompson's regime did not use credit recovery and seat time as a way to graduate students. Also, a regents diploma involved more than getting 34% of an exam correct.

Bloomberg might have cut $350 million from bureaucracy but he is not putting the money into the schools, no matter what he says. He spent $80 billion on ARIS, is paying almost 2000 ATRs to be glorified subs, class size is as big as ever and services to students are being cut every year. His cronies at McGraw Hill are still getting their big contracts, and the Brits are still coming to rate our schools. He might have saved $350 million but there is no mention of what he spent.

I'm not defending Thompson's record. As president of the Board of Education, he too left a lot to be desired but Bloomberg's mailings are a downright misuse of the data. Anyone believing them will also be willing to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

Enough is enough. I wanted to barf when read this mailing. I personally have seen the deterioration of education in NYC during the eight years he has been in office. Thompson won the nomination and he won my vote and I hope, the votes of the majority of New Yorkers.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about a number of things being discussed. I am actively involved in educational forums and I often hear how students are going to college unprepared. Many are stuck in remedial courses, etc.

At the high school level, if they pass a regents exam with a 65 to 75 they know about 35% of the Alegebra Curriculum. If they continue on, by the time they get to Trig, they are have a weak foundation. So if they get through Trig., even if they graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma they still go to college unprepared.

I have come to the conclusion that NYS should be held responsible for where things are going.

I am sad today as I think about the struggles of education today.

Anonymous said...

What is the relevance of the above comment to what PO is saying?
Anyway, Anyone who really cares about teachers and students will undoubtably agree with you, PO. Bloomberg is a dangerous man--especially to workers over the age of 40 (as his record shows when he ran his own corp.) He doesn't give a s**t about teachers or students, and he lies about everything. Many people aren't smart enough to see that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.