Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Here To Stay

This summer has been so great that I don't want it to end. (I also realize my body needs the rest work provides.) Four trips, three of them major ones, walking the length of Manhattan multiple times, museums and parks, I just want to do it all. Retirement seemed like a great idea.

And then...I met with my college class tonight and all thoughts of leaving the profession evaporated from my brain.

I love being in front of a classroom and having all eyes watching me, all ears listening to what I say. Okay, in my remedial, I might only get one eye and ear per student if I am lucky, but I am still on stage. I can't give it up, not yet anyway.

I didn't get to do all I planned this summer. I only walked across the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. I still need to cross the Williamsburg and Queensborough on foot, I need another visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (planned for tomorrow), I need to visit the new JC Penny on 34th St and I need to do countless other things I won't even know about until I open this week's TimeOut New York.

All these activities will have to wait. Taking me out of the classroom would be the equivalent of cutting the wings off of a bird. I know I am being selfish. My husband would like me to retire. The young teachers needing a job want me to retire. I'm probably not even doing as good a job teaching as I used to so the admins and the kids could probably use some young blood too. That is just too bad.

So, back to the college I went last night and back to the high school I go next week. A few words of warning for anyone who gets in my way:

Get ready, I am not going away!


Lsquared said...

Good for you--have a great year!

Miss Eyre said...

You are doing good for the kids as long as you like being there and care about them! Have a great year!

Anonymous said...

It's sad that the so-called "remedial" college class does not seem to be with it. Don't they realize what a great opportunity they have?? Do you ever have discussions with them about it? I hope they turn out to be your best class otherwise what a sad statement for the future of higher education.

I too wish you a good year. And I really think you will like this school year because of your involvement as delegate. Maybe this year you can help make the changes that will so improve your school. And when you decide to retire, that will be your legacy to both the students and teachers.

But if you do retire from the DoE, there is always your college position. And I believe there are more vacation days in between semesters to travel???

Either decision you make, you will always find a way to reach students. And aren't those students lucky!!!


mathman42 said...

I don't know if your remedial college class has a strict syllabus or if there is a set test they must pass to move on.

Otherwise practical problems that they can relate to that improve their math literacy is the way to go.

But you know this already.
I have material if you need it.

Pissed Off said...

Mathman--Thanks for your offer. My college class is not a remedial class and we have a very strict curriculum to follow. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. Its the HS ones that need the extra help and I have accumulated more materials than I will ever use. I would be happy to share with you as well.