Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Educaton Vs. Statistics

Is the most important part of our jobs good stats?

Has it really come to that?

No one cares what we do as long as we get close to 100% passing? The stats are the only thing we will be judged by.

Should we get rid of the failing kids to increase our stats?

Gee, what is happening to education today?

Day 1 and I am already bitching!


appple said...

i know that photo...construction signs in switzerland! interpreted loosely as "large piles on the right, small ones on the left".

and yes, stats, quiet classrooms, empty hallways, and teaching, not necessarily learning (which are not one in the same) are the things that are important.

Anonymous said...

the students care if you go into the class trying to get 100% of them to pass.

was there a time in education where that wasn't the rule?

Pissed Off said...

No one is saying that we don't want 100% to pass, but sometimes learning is more important than the statistics.

I made a decision last year to keep my entire geometry class intact, not remove the kids that were failing. I got many of those kids to pass, but not all. Now, those kids are on their way to an advanced diploma. If I only cared about stats, my stats would have been better but the kids would have gotten lost along the way.

I also keep my AP class intact, regardless of how I think they will do on the AP exam. Is the exam important? Somewhat, but not as important as teaching these kids math.

Anonymous said...

learning is paramount.

but if there is no way to measure learning, how does one know whether anyone is learning?

the worst teachers will say that their kids are learning... the question is what are they learning?

are they learning the maximum amount etc.

I'm sorry, I guess like every other industry, if you don't measure effectiveness, then people may become complacent and ineffective. I don't think any educator would ever argue that it is not about learning and that it is about the stats. But I hear what you are saying.

However, as long as you strive for 100% and not strive for barely passing, that is someone everyone can live with.