Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mr. Frenchie

All the physical education teachers had to be released from their proctoring assignments to so some stupid work that should have been finished last week before classes ended. It was not their fault the work wasn't done. The paperwork they needed did not arrive on time.

Lucky me!! I got to proctor the French regents for one of these PE teachers. The PE teacher started the exam and when I took over Mr. Frenchie was reading aloud. I don't know Frenchie. I never even spoke to him until that day. I don't even know his real name.

Frenchie was reading instructions when I walked in, instructions Ms PE had already read and explained quite thoroughly. Then Frenchie asked "Is everyone happy that I am reading? Would you like another teacher?" He then smiled and patted himself on the back. He repeated the question after every third reading. He also asked "Am I reading too slow? Am I reading too fast? Am I reading just right?" Again, he smiled, and patted himself on the back. He complimented his clear pronunciation and commented on the ease of almost every question. The reading in this room took 20 minutes longer than the reading in every other room.

Joey walked into the exam twenty minutes late and missed 24 points of the exam. Joey's teacher agreed to read the part he missed to him privately. Frenchie was not happy about that. He said Joey should be penalized and asked the students in the room if they agreed with him. The kids just wanted to get on with the exam and raised their hands to get Frenchie to stop blabbing about nothingness and get on with the reading. Frenchie never even bothered to find out if Joey had a legitimate reason for being late. Thank goodness Joey's teacher had compassion and helped Joey in spite of Frenchie.

French is the language of love. I hope Mr. French enjoys whispering love phrases into the mirror because no one will ever say them to him better than the way he says them to himself.


NYC Educator said...

That's an interesting concept, having a reader. I had to proctor the English Regents exam and do the readings myself, three times. It took me most of the hour and a half proctoring session.

Funny how you get instructions not to read when you proctor, and other instructions to read something extensively while you proctor.

Anonymous said...

Wow all that nonsense could cost you your license hear in Texas.

We can read the directions one time. If a student is late, and the teacher has started reading the directions - the student isn't allowed to enter the room.

We have to find another person qualified to administer the test and give the student the test in another room. That is always interesting since every broom closet is already being used for small group testing.