Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He's Begging Us

There was a new memo from Mr. AP today.

Please make sure you do your best to show up on Thursday, June 5, 2008 – I have an exciting day planned for you. I will distribute important information on the new Geometry course. It will be a good idea for you to show up.

He's been getting a lot of grief from Principal Suit because the people in my department tend to take off on staff development days. The math department has the absolute best attendance in the building. We almost never take off on teaching days. One day, a few weeks ago, there were 17 teachers out in the school and not one of them was a math teacher. Suit just doesn't understand that sometimes a teacher just needs a day off and if there is going to be a day when the kids are not going to miss instruction, that is the day to take off. Besides, although he thinks that everything he says is mportant, no one else thinks it matters for anything. I do wonder what kind of exciting day he has planned for us. I am sure we will all be chastised for one thing or another. He will definitely berate (not by name, of course) a teacher or two. Maybe he will bring in a keg or a bottle of wine? That is the only thing I can think of that will make the day exciting. Some people are afraid to stay home. I'm on everyones s***t list anyways, so there is no reason for me to attend. I have a doctor's appointment so anything I write about the day will be hearsay only.

I know most people in this department do not drink, do not like loud music or do not dance, but I encourage you to attend the end-term party so that you get to enjoy the food and company.

These memos are getting pathetic. He is begging us to go to the party even though we don't drink, dance or like loud music. Personally, I love the drinking, music and dancing part. It is the company that I can't stand. Suit has been on his case to about the poor participation of the math department in school functions. Suit ought to think about why people won't participate instead of coercing us to do so. Poor Mr. AP. Although I have no love for him, he should not have to take heat because I, like the rest of the department, am a party pooper.

A few people are talking about possibly going to the party, because of Belle. Most are determined to avoid it at all costs. We feel Suit is maniputating us by getting Belle to attend his party. We'll take Belle out for lunch during regents week.


Anonymous said...

He really should speak for himself. Mr. AP is assuming that his natural impulse not to have any excesses (read fun) whatsoever except for a little public verbal abuse exists in everyone he supervises. He should Venn diagram the situation to get a clear mathematical picture of why people don't go...it's the company, stupid!! If I were in this situation, there would most likely be a direct variation between the quantity of begging and my heartfelt desire to never be found at a work party, especially one full of coerced workers.

Anonymous said...

Suit needs people to attend because he knows it is a reflection on him. My admin started treating me differently when I stopped attending. By then everyone in the school knew we hated each other.

NYC Educator said...

I know you hate parties, but please come to the party. That's not the most enthused invitation I've ever seen, I gotta say.