Friday, June 06, 2008

Let's See What I Missed

1. Bagels and coffee

2. Performance of school play and jazz band

3. Biggest loser awards (no, these were not awards for people who showed up for staff development--it was biggest weight losers)

4. Discussion on how to reach ninth graders (in groups by birthdays) and then sharing of these ideas.

5. Reading an article on how to reach ninth graders and then a repeat of the discussion.

6. A fifty minute lunch.

7. Joint meeting of science and math department on some new computer stuff we won't be given time to learn how to use. (I heard the chapter chairman was asleep during this one. Suit came in and took his picture. CC response: Why wasn't anyone doing anything to stimulate my interest?)

8. Meeting in departments where we were told about new geometry curriculum.

Anyone who missed the meeting can find big posters from the ninth grade meetings posted all over the teachers' cafeteria.


17 (really 15) more years said...

I remember when (not on BQ Day, of course) we got an hour and a half for lunch on half days and staff development days. Now they stand at the front door waiting to see who comes back late so they can write them up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we were given at least a whole hour for lunch on those days. God bless those extra 10 minutes when we could actually go out to eat.

You must be slapping yourself silly for missing out on such a provocative meeting of the minds.