Saturday, January 06, 2007

Material Kids

Maybe kids have trouble learning math lately but they have no trouble recognizing designer apparel. I was wearing an old pair of shoes yesterday, a pair that I picked up for about $20 in an outlet mall. I bought them because they were comfortable and I liked them. I could not believe how many kids thought I was wearing Prada shoes. My main experience with Prada is the Canal Street knockoffs I used to buy. One pair of Prada's would probably cost more than 10 pairs of shoes in my closet, definitely something I would not buy on a teacher's salary, even with the upcoming $750 bonus. How do kids know these things? And more importantly, why are they so impressed by them? Boy, has our society turned materialistic.


NYC Educator said...

If only the kids could figure out how to impress their friends with $20 shoes, we parents could economize big-time. Fortunately for me, my kid doesn't value names at all (yet).

Her cousins, though, have very specific demands already.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Both my kids made it into their 20's without being suckered into designer stuff. Your daughter might be the same.