Thursday, January 25, 2007

Become a Librarian

Become a Librarian:

The librarians in my school are retired on the job. They get full teacher benefits with none of the responsibilities.
1. No papers to mark
2. No C-6 assignment. They spend their C-6 period in the library doing the things that other teachers would probably do at home.
3. They have their own desks, phones and computers.
4. They don't have an office on their backs.
5. When the stress of kids gets too much too handle, they put a "library full" sign on the door and no one else is allowed in.
6. They can order any best seller book they want to read.
7. They can block off exits so kids have to stay put until the bell rings.

So, all you future teachers out there--before you decide that you can help kids, that you can make a difference, think about taking the easy way out. BECOME A LIBRARIAN at a NYC Public HS.


NYC Educator said...

It's a rough gig to get, though, as most schools have only one or two. It pays a whole lot better than being a regular librarian.

There's a lot of pressure to teaching--like everyday it's showtime. I'm not complaining, because I do like it. But I acutely feel that.

Nic said...

I have to give kudos to our librarian...every time I've been in there she's been helping students. I can see how lazy people could take advantage of the position, though, for sure.

I've seen a few counselors, on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

The librarian where I used to work is actually a paraprofessional and does more work than anyone can ever imagine....a lot of it is also 'bitch work' for the administrator- of course never appreciated for doing any of the jobs...