Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Raising Expectations????

I heard that a student did something really gross today. He ejaculated in the math office after his teacher sent him out of the room. My chairman would tell the teacher it was her fault, she should raise her expectations and the kids will respond. Unfortunately, this kid was raising something else. I wonder if he thinks this is the teacher's fault too?


Jonathan said...

The math office was empty, except for the kid? Or were there people there who just didn't notice???

(And if he was alone, how did they find out?)

I bet they really do blame the teacher. Typical.

NYC Educator said...

Yes indeed. And Unity-New Action has helped them out enormously by removing the right of teachers to grieve letters in file. Personally, I can't wait till it has 100% of the executive board so there is no dissent whatsoever.

Randi really can't get her job done without the help of a "responsible opposition" that takes patronage jobs and fails to oppose anything whatsoever.

Pissed Off said...

There were other teachers around. One of them is a Queen who only teaches the math team kids. She really must have freaked out. But, she is part of the Royal Family, so she would never be blamed. I understand the kid was removed in an ambulance.

NYC Educator said...

That sounds reasonable. I hear doing that can cause blindness.