Friday, March 19, 2010

Sense Of Humor

I needed this

To get myself to sit through this. (Details here.)

Spring afternoon parent teacher conferences are nice and light so parents and teachers have a chance to really talk. They are so much better than the rush, rush atmosphere of the night before.

This year, I have the younger brother of a former student. Both boys are great kids, but very different. It is hard to believe they have the same genetic makeup and live in the same house, but they do. The older one is quiet and reserved and does all that is asked of him and more. The younger one is outgoing but quite lazy. Mom said the older one is much easier to deal with in school but the younger one is easier at home. She said he never even cried as a baby. I told her the reason for that was simple. Crying required effort and he was just not going to exert himself. It was much easier to sleep. Luckily, for me, she has a good sense of humor and just started laughing. Anyone know where I can buy a good verbal filter?

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Abstract Randomizer said...

I would be the last person on the planet who could afford to loan you a verbal filter. My mouth gets me in trouble on a daily basis. However, what really irks me is the fact that 99% of what I say is inoffensive to anyone except the most touchy people, but I get called on every single thing. I got written up for describing Kim Jong-Il as a "whack-job" and a "Chia pet" in spite of the fact that these are both perfectly apt descriptions.
Other people, who are in the good books of the admin, get to drop f-bombs and nothing is said.
The word verification is ATIFR, which could easily stand for
"Alberta Teaching Is F-ing Ridiculous."