Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Martha never liked to shop. For years, she never went into a store. But then, the store decided it really needed her business so the manager called her up and said, "Martha, come back please. If you do, you will be given free lunch daily. Everything will be on sale so cheap that it will feel like you are getting it for free. In fact, for every one thing you want, we will give you two."

Martha did not believe her ears. At first, she was resistant and only went to the store sporadically. But, as time passed, she started enjoying the camaraderie of the shop keeper and her fellow shoppers and she started shopping more often. Soon, even this bargain was too much for Martha to pay for and she wanted to stop shopping. The shop keeper said "Do not worry. If you just show up and fart, my store will look busy and I will give you what you need."

And this is how Martha completed her Christmas shopping in March.

(For more on this bargain click here.)

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