Saturday, March 06, 2010


I admit, I have weird dreams. I dream in color and even dream of smells, something that is almost impossible to do. I remember hearing this in a psychology class I took in college.

Last night's dream really takes the cake. I was standing outside my period 2 calculus class when my cell phone rang. Since it was very noisy, I walked outside (impossible in the building I teach in) to take the call. My best friend (who lives in Texas) was on the phone telling me my mother-in-law was in the hospital and the doctors were ripping her apart trying to save her life. (My mother-in-law has been dead for many years.) Since I didn't know what to do at the moment, I returned to class, only to find my students sitting in the hallway, with their desks arranged in groups of 4. When I looked in the room, I saw little Chinese children on small desks and a Chinese woman stood at the front teaching them. I went to my supervisor who told me it was for the day and I should just find a blackboard and start teaching. On the way back, I saw other teachers and classes in the same situation.

The next thing I remember was walking away from the class and seeing improvements being made to the school. There was a beautiful green outdoor area and an blue amusement type train was being built. I ended up in a huge auditorium where a speech was being made telling us that the school was going to be closed down. The fact that we were an "A" school did not matter. The principal, in his black suit and his red tie, was sitting on the side by himself, not saying a word.

We all left and walked outside. All of a sudden we were at a retreat in the mountains, but the fun of the trip was gone. There was a cloud in the sky so big, no sun could shine through. The heaviness of what was going on weighed us all down. We talked and tried to make plans but we knew all was lost. The controlling powers were just too much for us to fight. The only thing left was the trip home.


Ricochet said...

Was the Chinese teacher in your room young or old?

mathman42 said...

The space ship is waiting for you. Bring your markers.

Pissed Off said...

Of course it was a young teacher. Who else gets hired now a days?

Anonymous said...

Wow if you can remember so many details in your dream, you are amazing. When I do have a dream, I can only remember the weirdest part, but never in details.

Now had Klein appeared in the dream, then that's more than horror. That's trama!