Thursday, March 11, 2010

Graduation Does Not Equal Knowledge

If you are teaching Math XXX, please use the graphing calculators on a regular basis. Most of the students who are failing have no skills. And probably do not belong in the class, but they are in the class now. We have fairly good attendance, but the failure rate is extremely high. I have on average 85% attendance but the passing percentage is no where close with the help of the calculator. It is still not too late. I taught a number of students how to solve a system of equations by the graphing calculator. The students and I agreed that without the graphing calculator, we can forget about solving those systems.

(For more information, click here. I take no responsibility for the grammar in the above statement.)

We might be graduating them, but we are not educating them.


Lsquared said...

Very. Sad.

mathematicamama said...

OMG. I clicked for more information,and almost fell over. I never saw that one coming.Truly unbelievable, but there it is!