Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Example Of Why You Should Vote ICE

The last contract empowered Principals. It gave them the ability to run schools as they see fit, teachers be damned. Just look at all the teachers sitting in the rubber room on trumped up charges, if you doubt what I am writing. And, its not just the rubber room that is the problem. Look at what Ms. Brave's principal did to her and the teachers of her school this week. UNITY sold us the contract that gave the principals this tyrannical power. It is up to us to stop them.

A teacher I know filed a grievance against her principal. She claims one thing and he claims another. The union agreed to take her grievance to arbitration but ended up throwing out the grievance before she was even allowed to present her case. This makes us all wonder about the deals being struck with the union and the arbitrator and the UNITY rep who offered no protest on her behalf.

Next, the teacher found a higher authority in the union to write to. This person agreed that the teacher had a case and promised to look into it. But, someone even higher put a stop to this too. She just got an e-mail telling her the principal is correct, and she is not, while clearly she has evidence in her defense.

Let me be perfectly clear here. I'm not stating here that the principal is wrong and the teacher is right. It does not matter what I personally believe. I'm stating that our union, the one we pay almost $100 a month to did nothing to stand up for her. Our union did not even bother to properly research and present her case. Our union sold her out.

Take your pink envelopes and put a big X in the ICE box. New Action supports UNITY and UNITY must go. I'm going to be retired soon but most of you will hopefully have long careers in the field of education. You need protection and to get it, you need a change. ICE is that change.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that the UFT keeps on selling out its members to the powers that be. I am hoping that ICE will do a better job.

I am hopeful that the UFT will do its job now or ICE will later look into how PS 106Q is managed. I intentionally said managed. The principal is never at work but collects a full check. She has a clerical school aide, AP, math coach, core knowledge facilitator, parent coordinator, para, and IEP teacher acting as her personal assistants. These people lie about her whereabouts and contact her so she readily calls whomever is trying to reach her from her DOE paid for Blackberry.
She sends teachers and APs to the rubber room, falsely calls ACS and Tweed on teachers, forges documents, and unjustly deny completion of probation without the district's superintendent's approval.
ICE we are pissed off at our school and UFT has not done much for us. I would like to see my union dues pay for an investigation that will shed light on illegal activities at PS 106Q.