Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fire Obama

He ran on a platform of change, but nothing has changed.

The economy still sucks.

He cannot get his health care package passed.

Guantanamo is still open.

We are still at war on two fronts.

Obama wants to fire teachers at schools that are performing poorly. Teachers are the only variable in the equation, according to him. How about firing him? He hasn't lived up to his campaign promises. (Okay, he did buy his daughters the dog he promised.) Clearly, if we follow his line of reasoning, he is not completing his job satisfactorily and he should be willing to face the same consequences he expects teachers to face.


Anonymous said...

Obama turned into such a corporate whore....he's the pig with lipstick he spoke about during his own campaign.

reality-based educator said...

Daily News reports that AIG management is going to get a 10% raise this year. The company lost $8.87 billion this quarter.

This quarter. $8.87 billion.

But management gets a raise.

I called the WH today and let them know how angry I am and how I am working to "fire up" other teachers and union members to corporate whore Obama's chicanery.

So I agree - fire Obama.

Let's start with Dems in 2010.

Then Obama in 2012.

And I am talking this as a person who has only voted for Democrats my entire life.

But I am fed up with the attacks on teachers and unions.

Dems are as bad (or worse) than Repubs.

At least if Bush were trying to do this, Dems in Congress would be pushing back.

Anonymous said...

Reality-Based is so right on target. I used to believe that the only political party that brought about good positive change would be the Dems. Well, the Obama admin. has changed everything for me. I'm disgusted with him. He should be fired and exiled to another country.

I decided to change my political affiliation; maybe being a Rep is not so bad.

ChiTown Girl said...

Amen, Sista, AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Some folks were so delighted about electing the first black president or so excited about putting a democrat in ofice that they forgot to check his qualifications. He had none. His performance has been about what one would expect from an inexperienced and unaccomplished politician, It is mathematical. I am only surprised that some fairly bright people are surprised.
He does share one fatal flaw with the progressive left - he blames his failures on an inability to communicate how terrific his ideas are and on the obstructionist right and on the greedy capitalists. Never looks in the mirror. Never. Never revisits his ideas and sees them as off-base. Never. Never looks to our citizens as a source of wisdom. Never.