Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Year

Another year, and another Arista installation. This year several kids invited me so I didn't have the same anxiety attack I had last year. I even figured out a way to beat the alphabetical seating so I could sit with my good buddy and catch up on life. Our conflicting schedules don't give us any free time together.

I love Arista installation. It is a joy to see the kids all dressed up and marching across the stage and receiving their certificates and pins. Many of my seniors have a bad case of senioritis so it was especially wonderful to see how well they have done in the past, to let them know that I know there is more to them than what I see in the classroom.

Nights like these help me put what I go through with my crazy ninth period class in perspective. My husband keeps telling me not to let one group of kids end a career I love. Maybe he's right.

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EFM said...

Don't think your actions go unappreciated. As a parent who went to a similar installation only a few days ago, I can tell you that not only do the kids appreciate having their teachers there to see them receive the honor, but that the parents do as well. It's nice to see that your child's teachers care enough to attend.