Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Well

I'm really attempting to be IEP good and IEP supportive so when I got an e-mail telling me one of my students was being evaluated and my input was needed, I immediately went to my mail box to retrieve the form. Surprise, surprise, it was not there, although the e-mail I got said it had been delivered. Really trying to do the right thing, I fired off an e-mail about the missing paper. A week passed and the form did not show up. I saw the person in charge and asked for the form. I was told it had not been done yet. I said I would need a few days to get it ready and asked that it be delivered soon. S/he shrugged her/his shoulders and said nothing.

I'm still waiting for the form.

BTW, I saw mom on parent teacher day and she knew nothing about this evaluation. I'm new to this IEP stuff but I always thought the parents were supposed to be involved.

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