Thursday, March 25, 2010

F*cked Up Class

I hate starting a post like this, but that is the only way I can even begin to talk about my ninth period today. Not all of them are so f*cked up, but just enough of them are to make teaching almost impossible.

Today started with Yeni walking into the room, going to the back, and slamming herself into a chair. She was crying. The kids gathered around and she told her tale of an incident that occurred yesterday. While I didn't hear the whole story, I got the gist of it. It seems she had an argument with some boy which almost escalated into a fight. Her friends gathered around but did nothing to help her. His friends gathered around and ganged up on her. This was all after school and nothing happened because he ended up jumping on a bus and going home. Yeni is afraid to tell her mom because her mom has anger issues and she doesn't want mom involved. Yeni did get the deans involved but I don't know the end result. After about 10 minutes, she did settle down and most of the class began some work, albeit very noisily.

Next, Trigger went to the bathroom. When she returned, she told the class that a teacher down the hall said I was too noisy. I told the class they were now disturbing others and Trigger replied, "No, Ms, you are being too noisy. But don't worry. I've got your back. It's this class, not your fault." At this point, they all jumped in, defending me and wanting to go talk to the other teacher.

Then, I handed out a worksheet and tried to get them working individually. There is a handful of them who work well together and there are quite a few that do nothing. Rob was sitting and drawings pictures with a sharpie, but he was quiet for once so I let him be. Unfortunately, the pictures he was drawing turned out to be pornographic ones and Nick decided to take the picture and walk around the room, showing it to the girls. At this point, I asked for the paper, which he refused to give me. I called security. When they arrived, the porno drawing was no where to be seen. They ended up removing him from the room and I had to go to the dean's office and write my statement, thus extending my already long day.

I'm sorry. I know its politically incorrect to say this, but I am saying it anyway. These kids are f*cked up big time. They probably have lots of good inside them and for all I know might be very bright, but I don't have the skills necessary to handle them. Call me weak, ineffective, anything you want, I can't do it.

The saddest part of it all is that some of these kids are older students, behind in credits and light years from graduation. But, with credit recovery, boot camp and other programs, not only will they end up graduating, they will end up graduating early. The boys in this group know it. These kids know how to play the game that will get them the diploma with the least amount of effort.


The Reflective Educator said...

I think you're allowed to say a class is fucked up. Ninth period? How's that schedule work?

Ms. Cookie said...

Ackh! How does your head keep from exploding and spewing all over the place? More power to you to keep plugging away every day with this class.

Ms. Cookie

Anonymous said...

What the hell! Why should they take education seriously if they know that skating the system through these f**king credit recovery program will help them to scam the school system? They know that they don't need to be accountable. Klein has allowed all these Principal Frankensteins to create these monsters who go around pillaging the classrooms by acting out.

I get sick to my stomach when I hear that these students are nothing else but scammers! Education does not exist anymore!

Listen PO'd I feel your pain and I have same types of students.

mathman42 said...

It's incredible that your school gets such good results unless this class is an anomaly or they cook the books. My 9th grade groups pretty much fit this profile. Regents Prep classes are OK primarily because only about 1/4 show up. So now the school stays open; not sure that's such a good thing.

Pissed Off said...

Most of our kids are not like this group.This group is probably less than 10% of the population, unfortunately they are all in one class together.