Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lion's Den

My buddy Ricochet says:

Powersthatbe sent out an email at the end of last week stating that new teachers (in the first three years of teaching) should not be left alone to fail.

While her post is really much more than this statement. This sentence alone got me thinking of another school, and especially a department in that school, that I know well. The AP in charge loves the young teachers she has hired. They are ready and willing to obey her every edict and would never think of questioning her authority, so who could blame her? She even refers to herself as mother to command respect. In order to make sure these young ones succeed, the most difficult children are often removed from their classes. I don't have to write where they are put, anyone reading this can figure it out for themselves. Newbies are also given the best classes while old times are teaching the dumping ground groups. Newbies have smart boards. Old timers are lucky to have chalk.

Believe me, I am in favor of helping the young ones. A few years ago I had a double period class of difficult kids and I made a point of telling my supervisor to try to keep kids like those away from the new teachers if he wanted them to remain in the profession. But, don't criticize, write up and harass the experienced teacher who has taken on the challenge. Don't throw us to the lions either.


Ricochet said...

I have been reading about the RR and it is appalling. My post about Powersthatbe's email is related to the earlier one about the teachers being thrown to the wolves - in our school they are all new, they teach courses no one else teaches, they seem to be doing a good job, they are accused of things that they would have no reason to do - and they are given no support by people who could help them get better.

I think no teacher should be shuffled off to the RR - if there is fire, get rid of them. If you want them out of your school, man up and ask them to transfer someplace else.

care020 said...

I know it's never too late to care, but it seems that reminder should have gone out at the beginning of the year.