Thursday, January 23, 2014

Auditors Are Coming

The little Chihuahua was scared.  He got rid of a bunch of dog bones that were still good to chew on and the pound auditors were asking questions.  Money was tight in the pound and they wanted answers as to why these chewies were discarded if they still could be used.

Little Chihuahua didn't know what to do.  He quickly went to the pantry and started sorting out everything that was left  He knew he had to fill the big empty spot.  He prayed the auditors would not know about the new dog biscuit contract and worried they would find out about the perks he was given when he signed it.  

On top of everything else, this was the year he was due to get tenure and guaranteed job security and things were not going his way.  He had worked hard, getting others to work for him and to take the blame when things did not go well, and now all that scheming and planning might be for naught.

Little Chihuahua stopped roaming the halls and yapping at everyone.  He sat behind his desk and worried.  Wrinkles grew on his face and his hair slowly turned white.

(Story is a work of fiction, based on stuff I have read in the newspaper and stories from many different work places around the country.)

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Anonymous said...

Things happening at my school sound just like this story-administrators letting their staff take the fall for their dirty deeds. There are so many "dirty" things happening in one department to make an administrator look good they can't even be written!