Thursday, January 30, 2014

Teaching: It Is In My Blood

I was sorry I agreed to work this term.  I thought I had enough but couldn't morally back out at the last minute.  I picked up my books and headed for my class in the bowels of the library building. But, a funny thing happened when I walked in.  My trepidation disappeared.  Outside a young woman was waiting for me who wanted to transfer to my class  There was a student who I could not pass last year who voluntarily took my class again.  The class began and the magic I always felt when I stood in front of a class took hold of me.  I was thrilled to be back.

I still hate having to run out in the dark and the cold but all that is forgotten at the first glimpse of my students.  I never want to give this up.

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Shireen Dadmehr said...

I love your attitude. The students do make it worthwhile most all of the time.