Thursday, January 02, 2014

Take The Day Off

Several years ago I remember that the decision to close schools was made after many teachers had already left home.  I remember one teacher who bundled up her young child and drove in from Long Island and was pissed that she endangered herself and her child for nothing.  I remember thinking the teacher was an idiot.  How could any parent in their right mind expose their offspring to dangerous road conditions for a job.  Teachers have ten sick days a year.  Intelligent teachers use one for a heavy snow storm.

When I bought my house I settled for a small one in the city, on a major, (actually two major) bus routes.  With inclement weather, I crossed the street and took public transportation.  If the bus wasn't running, I turned around and went home.  I liked my life and my cars too much to endanger them going to work, especially on a day when no real teaching took place.

I just read a Facebook comment from a wise woman who wrote:  "I'm just taking the day and not dealing with it."  My sentiments exactly.  Call the registry and turn off your alarm.  When you wake up, you can go shovel your walks and clean your cars.  And, be glad you have the options of using a sick day.  My husband was never allowed to call in sick on days like tomorrow.  He worked for Con Ed and there were no excuses tolerated for not being on the job.  Many others have the same type of job.  Teachers, be happy you can use your days.


Anonymous said...

Ok, my two cents:I have been a public school teacher for almost 20 years. I have to say that I respect your blog and opinion. However, I disagree that you think that it is not a big deal to take a day off during a snow storm. We are public servants and the public depends on us to be there to do our jobs regardless of the weather. When you decide to become a public servant, the choice is made with the understanding that there are certain sacrifices to be made. One of those sacrifices is to be at work unless you are sick or if it is impossible to get to work. If there are no trains running, or the highways are closed that is a fair excuse. However, your blog seems to indicate that any teacher should be able to take the day off due to the snow. This should only be the case if it is not at all possible to get to work. Of course I think the schools should be closed on Friday and they probably will. However, if they are not, I am ready to walk a mile to my train station in the snow instead of using my car as I usually do. I have always taken pride in my job and have made sure over the past 20 years to make sure that I live within walking distance of mass transportation as I live over 30 miles from my school. Just imagine if every single teacher in NYC used a sick day on Friday and the schools are open. It would be chaos. And please know, I am not a charter school puppet or an E4E slug. I am a proud union teacher and just want to give my point of view on this topic. Keep up the good work on your blog.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I totally agree with public transportation. I never took a snow day off but I never drove either.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? What will you be rewarded with for walking 20 blocks in sub zero weather to get to a school filled with a handful of students who should be home? A kick in the butt --that's what!

Anonymous said...

It is not about a "reward". Do you get a "reward" for anything in this world? I go to work everyday even in a snowstorm because that is the right thing to do. If you sign up as a public servant and you are not willing to deal with the responsibility, then get out. If you honestly can't get to school, don't go. Prepare, be ready, and do the right thing. If the powers that be say the schools are open, then we have to show up if we can. (Even if that means walking 20 blocks in the snow) If you can't physically make it or mass transportation is not running, then call in. I have personally seen teachers who live 8 or 9 blocks away call in during "bad" weather. These folks give the rest of us a bad name.

Anonymous said...

The schools will be closed and will be announced at some point. CBS weather man Lonnie Quinn is already predicting in detail that the blizzard will be sweeping into the city too.

Trust me.. school will be closed.

Anonymous said...

When I taught in NYC schools, I worked from Long Island to Manhattan. I rarely took a snow day off since most of the traveling was with with mass transit. I was very lucky in that regard.