Monday, January 27, 2014

Cheating Teachers

It worked.  The AP chose the new teachers to proctor exams, the ones who will readily supply answers to the students they are reading exams to.

I pity the teachers.  They are not smart enough to know what they are dong is wrong and how it does nothing to help the students.  They are not strong enough to stand up to a self serving incompetent supervisor.

The supervisor is patting herself on the back. Her statistics will be good and she will take credit for the improvement unless of course they get caught.  Then she will disavow any knowledge of the cheating.


Anonymous said...

Are you always that fly on the wall that I see in my department of scared cheaters?

Ms. Tsouris said...

The problem is that those teachers are certainly intellectually smart enough to know they're wrong to "help" students. They are morally bankrupt, just like their conniving AP. Unfortunately, the system encourages educational malfeasance and cheating at every level. The system is a complete and abject failure.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ms Tsouris! The world does not work on merit any longer!