Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why Bother

They are a nice bunch of kids.  For the most part, they work in class.  (Heads are only glued to cell phones part of the time.)  They don't study, they don't do homework and they don't own the textbook.  They don't bother going to the lab or library to use it there and they never go for extra help.

Their math skills are non existent as are their study skills.  Single digit test grades are not outliers.  I've spoken to others teaching the same subject.  We all have the same issues with our students.

The Queens School Of Inquiry asks their students not if they are going to college, but where they are going.  I hope the kids in this school are as good as the article says they are.  Looking at some of the students I see in college, I would ask, "Why are you going to college?"  They are wasting time and money.

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Anonymous said...

How many get financial aid? I know I didn't qualify even though my father was only a tailor. But I worked my ass off to pass my subjects. When I started community college in the 70s, I went at night and worked during the day. I appreciated how many other working people took this opportunity seriously. We all wanted to advance in our lives. I was a Commercial student because that's what my parents wanted back then, but had academic honor classes. I paid my own fees--thankfully they were very low then. My parents realized I was serious about college, but still couldn't afford to help me out financially. I matriculated to day classes and went on to Hunter College.

If you read David Brooks, he wants all Education college professors to be evaluated using VAM on how tell their students do when they become teachers (based on how their students do on standardized tests). The world is going nuts!!!

This should also apply to medical and law school. How many patients died. How many clients lost their cases.