Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They Call This A Break

Spring break was always a time for kids to recharge.  I remember my own kids using the time to lay back, sleep late, watch television, visit museums, play with friends and catch up on school work.  I remember years of car shows, movies and a constant house full of kids having fun.

I began this post with the word was because spring break isn't the same anymore.  I drove past an elementary school in the Bronx today and watched children carrying heavy backpacks pouring out.  With all important exams looming in the near future, children and teachers are spending their breaks preparing for them.  The freedom attached to spring break is gone.

One more week cannot make all that much difference in the education of a child.  The extra prep might up a score several points, but that is all it can do.  Kids need fun in their lives.  It is important for their development, more important than the points they might get on these ridiculous high stake exams.

Many of my former students had parents that believed in this high power education and sent their kids to Saturday and Sunday classes, summer classes and vacation classes.  These kids had no life but school.  Many burnt out by the time they were juniors in high school.  They needed time to be kids. I fear the same thing will happen to all kids today.

All work and no play makes jack not only a dull boy but a sad boy.  Let's give the kids back the break they need. 

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Anonymous said...

I was walking around Far Rockaway today near my grandparents house. I actually saw kids having fun in the school yard having fun by playing basketball, playing on the playground or just hanging around. I didnt get any take or saw any backpacks in this neighborhood..I had the camera with me too as I walked around. I actually enjoyed seeing the kids outside playing in the yard, instead of being inside playing wii or other new video games or internet games.