Friday, April 06, 2012


In this country, people are assumed innocent until proven guilty unless you are a New York City teacher.  In this case, even if you are found innocent, you are still guilty.

The witch hunt continues.


Anonymous said...

I didnt read the entire article..just skimmed it..but the skimming was enough for me....absolutely repulsive..regardless if they are guilty or not, this does not need to be publicized and have them singled out in the media..


Ms. Tsouris said...

Great post, PO'd!

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised that the NYTimes is now following in the footsteps of the NYPost which also ran the story and today wrote a follow-up on a teacher. Why these teachers even speak to the press is beyond belief.

That being said, one teacher did text his students in a manner IMO was totally inappropriate and another did touch a student. No teacher should be making comments to students about dating, sex, etc. For me the guidelines have to be very specific if arbitrators are to rule correctly because some of these same teachers according to the NYTimes are again being brought up on charges.

However, no one has reported on the success stories of teachers who were given a 2nd chance. There is a fine line between totally inappropriate behavior and just not using common sense. I know many teachers who regret saying or doing something. Teachers are no longer able to hug a little one, or even gently put their hands on someone shoulder to calm them down. And the worst part, stories like this make it easy for students to make up accusations if they don't like a teacher. I know because it happened to me. Students said I tried to choke a student. When the student in question was summoned to the principal's office, he told her it wasn't true, but the principal decided to use it as a weapon against me.