Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alive In Those She Left Behind

I never met the woman but, as I sat and listened to the people who did I began to feel I knew her well.  You see, the words being spoken, the attributes of this woman's life are the things that are embodied in her son, my friend.

This woman was described as the brightest person known.  Well, the one she gave birth to is right up there in the intellect department, for he surely is more intelligent than most.  Like his mom, he can analyze a problem and arrive at a solution.  He shares her no nonsense sensible approaches.  I have seen him take control of difficult situations and come out the leader of the winning party.

We were told this woman had a heart of gold and could always be counted on to help others.  When I think of the people I can count on, his name always comes to mind.

She was a woman in her 70's who loved her computer.  The son used to walk around attached to his, which has recently been replaced by the I-pad.

Laughter was part of her life and her laugh would always allow anyone to find her in a crowded room.  His merriment is just as strong.  She was always smiling.  Even in her tears, I could see the smile as he talked of the woman he loved.

She worshipped her grandchildren as he does his child.  His child has the warmth and sunshine personality ascribed to his mom.

She is gone.  My only contact with her was a wave through a car window.  She made the trek to Queens to pick up her son when his car broke down.  Although it was inconvenience for him, I'm glad it happened.  I now have a face to go with the person who helped make my friend so special.  She is gone but she lives on in her son and her granddaughter.

Friend, I am so sorry for your loss.  I know how it feels to lose a mom.  When you feel sad, look at your beautiful daughter and see the many wonderful qualities she got from her Jelly Donut Grandma. 

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Your friend said...

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for keeping us in your thoughts. My daughter loved this piece too!