Sunday, April 22, 2012

Throw Away Kids

There is a group of kids that go by the unofficial name "throw aways."  These kids are kids that have managed to pass a regents or two but have had trouble passing the last one in the sequence.  The AP in charge of the department is worried about statistics so he decided to drop them from this class into a lower level one, a class that has no regents requirement.  He is giving them their third year of math but not the class they need to avoid taking remedial classes in college.

The "throw aways" don't have text books.  The AP has decided that these kids are not worth the cost of the texts.  (The department actually had these books several years ago but, in his infinite wisdom, he lent them to another school and cannot get them back.)  Parents are starting to complain.  They don't want their kids to be tossed aside.  They want a real education for them and they know their children need books to succeed in math.  While the books are available cheaply on Amazon, the parents don't feel they should have to pay for books in a public high school.

The AP is angry that noise has been made over these books.  He, of course, blames the teacher and has found another person he is pushing to retire.

Time and time again this administrator has shown his true colors.  Time and time again he gets away with these unconscionable acts. 

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