Thursday, April 12, 2012

Media Accountablilty Needed

The News has been busy for the last few days reading Eric's blog and learning the true facts.  Too bad these individuals who call themselves reporters don't bother to check facts and report the real news before they go and print stuff that is not true and has the potential to ruin a person's life.

The News is quick to call for teacher accountability.  Where is there accountability when it comes to reporting the facts?

I apologize for the orginal post.  I guess I didn't read the article carefully enough.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to have to strongly disagree with you but the DN got it totally wrong again. The tone of that article is quite disgusting and it seems IMO to demean Eric's attempt to defend himself.

Once again, most of what and why Eric said what he did was taken out of context and it failed to mention what others had reported to Chapman on Eric's behalf and what was recently posted on ICE by James Eterno.

I rather have nothing printed than have a veiled attempt of a retraction by the DN or Post printed.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I'll agree with you then. The whole thing is digusting. Eric shouldn't have to defend himself when he did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

I reread the DN piece and again gagged that they had to bring up the "putting his arm around the waist" and that he "left that piece of information out of his blog". It was another punch in the stomach because they made it sound like it was something dirty.

I love the cartoon you just posted.