Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sour Puss

As a "baby" teacher, I loved going to the school holiday parties. They gave us all a chance to cut loose and get to know people that we never had a chance to know before. They gave us a chance to get to like (a little alcohol goes a long way) people (even administrators) we never liked before. I even remember dancing with Suit at one of these parties.

I don't go to holiday parties, or any parties at school anymore. I still work because I love the kids but the party part of the job has been gone for years. Originally I stopped going because the parties were so important to Suit. Not going was a great way to ignore him without being insubordinate. Now, I look around and feel only sorrow for what the school has become. I've seen colleague turn against colleague to make a few brownie points with the administration. I'm sick of the whining from fellow pedagogues. They complain and complain but refuse to stand up for anything. (I know, you are probably saying I do a great deal of complaining myself, but I try to keep my complaining to this blog rather than subjecting others to it. I also stand up for what I believe is right, unlike so many others.) I've seen administrators harassing teachers over things the teachers have no control over.

I guess you can say I've become a sour puss. I try to keep to myself. I only really talk to select adults. To most, I just say hi, and keep going. I surround myself with papers so no one comes near me in the cafeteria unless I want them to. I put chairs in the hallway and tutor my students. I wander the building on my lunch and on my preps (when I am not working) and spend at least 10 minutes a day hiding out in the resource room with my kids. (I really do prefer the kids to the adults.)
I honestly hope everyone enjoys themselves at the party tonight. I am one person that will not be missed.


17 (really 15) more years said...

PO'd, you know I feel exactly the same way about those damn school parties. I'd rather stay home curled up on my couch watching my toenails grow.

Anonymous said...

You said it all. Many teachers don't like Holiday parties anymore. My school will have the party too but I will not go. There are too many clicks that I cannot tolerate.